Sprint Retrospective

https://gitlab.com/LibreFoodPantry/modules/visitmodule-tp/approveguest/Plan/issues/9 Here I am finding out about docker, posted resources to videos for the team. https://gitlab.com/LibreFoodPantry/modules/visitmodule-tp/approveguest/ApproveGuestService/-/wikis/Docker-Documentation Created a document that highlighted the key commands that would be used for docker containers and images. https://gitlab.com/LibreFoodPantry/modules/visitmodule-tp/approveguest/Plan/issues/28 https://gitlab.com/LibreFoodPantry/modules/visitmodule-tp/approveguest/Plan/issues/27 https://gitlab.com/LibreFoodPantry/modules/visitmodule-tp/approveguest/Plan/issues/23 https://gitlab.com/LibreFoodPantry/modules/visitmodule-tp/approveguest/Plan/issues/26 These are the endpoints that I reviewed and moved to done. From the very beginning of the springContinue reading “Sprint Retrospective”

Dig Deeper Pattern

This pattern focuses on being able to decompose problems entirely and understand each part thoroughly. Many times, in the work force, people will only have enough approximate knowledge to help them get through their days, but when problems arise, they become useless. It is extremely important to be able to take all parts of aContinue reading “Dig Deeper Pattern”

Apprenticeship Patterns

In the introduction section of this book, I found it interesting on how the author focused on using the medieval definition of apprenticeship. The author rejected the idea of simply imitating those ways, but rather he adapted from them. While still marinating the core values and goals of apprenticeship, he was also able to helpContinue reading “Apprenticeship Patterns”

Libre Food Pantry

I enjoyed reading about the FOSSisms because it is all about starting to work on your first open-source piece with others. Since this is my first time working collaboratively to this extent on open-source software I found that it was quite useful to read in order to better adapt to the upcoming challenges. I reallyContinue reading “Libre Food Pantry”

Apps Made Easy With Angular

If you have ever been around anything web-based, there is a good chance you have heard or come across angular. Angular for those unfamiliar is a framework that allows for a wide range of possibilities. Angular all stems from 4 main parts: components, dependency injection, property bindings and typescript. Components are what Angular is entirelyContinue reading “Apps Made Easy With Angular”


Ever wanted to build a website and be able to add in interactive elements to the page? With JavaScript this can all be accomplished. JavaScript is a programming language that is used with websites in order to make the design better, sleeker and an overall better website. JavaScript can also allow for people to createContinue reading “TypeScript/JavaScript”

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