A Different Road

Many times the plan that people have laid out for their lives are almost never the same as what actually happens. In this pattern, A Different Road, the author discusses that sometimes it is okay to step away from The Long Road that you were taking to becoming a software developer. This simply means that its okay to step way from this, whether it be permanent or temporary, you should always carry the skills that you learned with you into whatever it is you do next. Then expanding from that, if you do return, you should keep those unique experiences and bring them back into your next job.

This pattern speaks to me personally because I have had many different jobs ranging from warehouses, Dunkin Donuts, meat shops, landscaping etc. The point being is that I have had the privilege to be able to experience this firsthand. Many of these jobs were basic minimum wage jobs that left me desiring for more, and to be able to actually use my brain. However, these jobs all were able to give me something back that I have been able to carry with me throughout my life. For example, most of these jobs gave me the motivation to constantly be trying to reach a better place in life and work. I know how it feels to be sitting in a job and feel like my brain is melting from boredom. Going through these times grants me the motivation to not have to return to them.

The pattern also discusses that often times with a desired job in the software field, HR will see the other jobs as simply lack of experience. However, through the many jobs that I have had it is very obvious to me that this does not constitute for lack of experience because all jobs tie together in different ways. Because I simply was not doing software strictly at the time, does not mean I am not capable of a software job. This is where it all ties back to the pattern. If you are able to take away good, beneficial lessons from where ever you are, you simply have to be able to prove these “skills” to whoever is doubting you.

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