Sprint Retrospective


We collectively hopped on a discord call and discussed how we wanted the front end to look and how we wanted it to act.


Created the guest-list component that would be displayed on our ApproveGuestWebUI.

Our sprint team did an exceptional job at coming together towards the end of this semester to put together what we have done. What did not work well originally was the loss of face to face communication. I believe our team did a great job this time around of constant communication and problem solving through discord. I believe what helped us thoroughly with this was the split between the data base and the WebUI. This allowed for Khoa and Tyler to be able to work through any of the problems that arose with the data base but had no effect on what John and I had been working on with the WebUI until the very end in which we needed to communicate between the two. By going about it this way, we were able to make huge progress by bouncing ideas of the other while working collaboratively on our respective pieces. I am happy that I was able to turn myself around from the previous sprint and be able to have an impact on what was created. This also led me to have a greater appreciation and enjoyment on Angular which used to be my kryptonite.

The thing that gave us the most problems and what seems to be the most problems for other teams was running everything inside Docker. Due to people having two different “types” of Docker, one Docker Desktop and the other Docker Toolbar, there were often conflicts. Another difficulty was the communication between the other teams, whereas previously we could simply go over and look at what the other teams were using and developing to allow for us to fit into everyone’s schema better. We had to communicate through discord and on gitlab, which to our credit, I believe was done well.  Nonetheless without face to face communication, there were definitely a few hiccups that were caused along the way.

If we were to go back and do this whole project over again, I believe the biggest change for our team would be where we direct our focus. It was difficult in the beginning to know exactly what is going to be vital, what can hold off and what is needed to be completed in order to move forwards. Towards our last sprint, we were able to get a better grasp for what was necessary, and I believe it really streamlined our progress.

Lastly, if I were to do this all over again, I would try to invest my time better than what I did. Often times I spent too long on something that would not be necessary until much later. I still often hold myself accountable for not contributing as much as I would have wanted but I am able to walk away from this sprint happy with what my team and what I was able to accomplish. The way our team came together in the end for the last push was remarkable.  

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