Sprint Retrospective


Here I am finding out about docker, posted resources to videos for the team.


Created a document that highlighted the key commands that would be used for docker containers and images.





These are the endpoints that I reviewed and moved to done.

From the very beginning of the spring we had assigned everyone an issue of what they needed to start on. From there each respective person worked individually on their assigned task until moving onto the next one. This was working well for our team in the beginning and for me, because I had a higher weight task, because everyone had something to work on. However, once I thought I was done researching docker and creating the wiki for the docker commands, I had run short of things to do with docker. My main task was familiarizing myself with docker but since we were not going to be using docker until at least the next sprint, there was little to do with everything I had just learned.

Another tough issue was the actual design of our endpoints. Our teams had not yet gotten the documentation of what would be stored for information on each person. For our initial design we made simple variables that could be replaced once the correct information was present. Eventually we were able to change into the correct variables with proper documentation.

Our team was very good at coordinating with the others when it came to work on our endpoints. We had originally designed them each with base variables as described before. After the documentation was given, the main problem that arose was the communication between other teams. We needed to understand what we were pulling from other teams and what they would be pulling from us. Our team did well to communicate and document the interaction and solutions on GitLab.

I think something that our team could do better in the division of tasks. For next sprint, as mentioned in class, we will be waiting to assign the next task once someone has completed theirs. I believe this will allow for a smoother distribution of work. Another team improvement, we could have better documentation when working through GitLab. When different people were working on different task, it was easy for the work completed to be missed. It can also cause a lack of understanding through the team if there is not much to go off of.

An improvement I could make would to be to take on a greater responsibility. I need to communicate to my teammates that I need to take on more work than previously because I felt a lot of time was wasted. I have to be better at involving myself in the ongoing process of something new in order to immerse myself, even if it is just to help push someone to the end of their goal. Another change I will make going into the next spring will be better documentation. I posted a document in the wiki for reference, but should be in markdown on the page for everyone to see easily.

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