Apps Made Easy With Angular

If you have ever been around anything web-based, there is a good chance you have heard or come across angular. Angular for those unfamiliar is a framework that allows for a wide range of possibilities. Angular all stems from 4 main parts: components, dependency injection, property bindings and typescript. Components are what Angular is entirelyContinue reading “Apps Made Easy With Angular”


Ever wanted to build a website and be able to add in interactive elements to the page? With JavaScript this can all be accomplished. JavaScript is a programming language that is used with websites in order to make the design better, sleeker and an overall better website. JavaScript can also allow for people to createContinue reading “TypeScript/JavaScript”

What’s that Smell

When you think of the word smell, your first thought is probably not computer design. Design smells are a vital part of designing clean, readable and re-usable code. In total there are 7 main design smells. They are rigidity, fragility, immobility, viscosity, needless repetition, needless complexity and opacity. The reason they are called smells isContinue reading “What’s that Smell”

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