Create Feedback Loops

This pattern discusses the need to have good, quality feedback to allow for personal growth. Often times, the only form of feedback is coming from ourselves and what we have done. As discussed in the article, this can often cause our reflection and feedback to be skewed and biased. If you are on a very good team, it can cause you to either ride their coattails and feel more prepared than you are in reality or cause you to become overwhelmed and feel as if you know nothing. On the other side of the spectrum if you are on a bad team, it can cause you to become complacent because you are able to succeed easily on this team.

The way that this pattern offers a solution to this common problem is to be able to develop a test of actual tangible data that will allow for an honest form of feedback. For example, if you are in team but writing your own portion of code, have another teammate peer review your code. By having another pair of eyes on your own code, they will be able to pick up and point out portions of code that are bad, messy etc. that you would usually gloss over because it was how you had always done it. In a similar manner, if you have any supervisors or managers above you it is always a good idea to be asking for feedback from them. This will not only help you improve your abilities but will also show them that you have initiative to improve yourself.

I believe that this type of feedback is very important to get. Many times, people can become too complacent with their own skills and not try to improve or gain more knowledge. This has happened to me and the main reason I was able to realize my complacency was by working in a group project. By constantly collaborating with them it was easy to see my strengths and weakness and what needed to be worked on. By having the group give feed back and documenting the project as you go, allowed for you to see your progress in a tangible sense.

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