Concrete Skills

This pattern begins by discussing the desire to get into the software development field with the drawback that often times managers or HR won’t hire without experience. To be able to show that you can become an effective member of the team, you need to be able to translate all of the knowledge gained previously into concrete skills. A good way to show these concrete skills is the capability to demonstrate that you would be able to make an immediate positive impact to the team, even if that impact is something very basic. By showing these concrete skills, it will give you a leg up on the competition when hiring.  HR is already taking a chance on you; it is best to show that it will not be for nothing and you are at least capable of something beneficial.

The way to go about this that the article discusses is by going through CVs or anything that shows the concrete skills that well-respected professionals list about them. Then find which one(s) of the skills are applicable to whatever team you are trying to join. From there, work on being able to demonstrate that skill as a concrete ability, whether it be by doing a pet project or simply practicing that over and over.

I believe that this pattern is something very important to learn. As someone who is just getting started into the software field, it can often be hard to even get a foot in the door for some companies. When you finally are able to get in the door, it is absolutely essential that you show that it was not a waste of time. The most successful interviews I have had was when I was put in front of a team leader who wanted me to demonstrate certain skills that would be able to help them immediately. Often times it is simple problems that are needed to be shown, but it is very important to show that you not only understand the problem but are able to apply the solution. A hiring manager is far more likely to “take a chance” on you if they think you’ll be able to immediately have useful, applicable skills for the team.

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