Dig Deeper Pattern

This pattern focuses on being able to decompose problems entirely and understand each part thoroughly. Many times, in the work force, people will only have enough approximate knowledge to help them get through their days, but when problems arise, they become useless. It is extremely important to be able to take all parts of a problem and truly understand them. To be able to decompose these large problems, it is important to study and understand every part that goes into it. While doing this however, it is important not to become too narrowly focused on one idea.

I connected with this pattern a lot due to the fact that many times when working on a project, I will run into an issue that I can provide a “hacky” fix to by reading it online, but I never acquire the knowledge of that topic specifically. I often times make the excuse that school causes timelines and completion of projects that are often unreasonable to be able to fully delve into the project. However, I need to start taking these problems apart piece by piece in order to start fully learning anything I come into contact with. If I am able to start with small sections of material, eventually there will be overlaps in knowledge that will build on top of each other until the projects that I’m faced with, now appear to be far easier. It is often overwhelming to start off researching into an entire idea of a project but being able to take small slices of it will make it far more manageable.

I enjoyed in this pattern how they discussed that often times there is a more knowledgeable person in order to fill in the gaps that you may have. In the workforce this can be a co-worker or a higher-up, but often times it is the teacher in school. Being able to create the knowledge for oneself is far superior in the long run than consistently going to the person that may have a better understanding. In order for anyone to reach that status of knowledge, they all took their time to break down and understand individual components of any problem they run into.

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