Testing Rant

Testing is a huge part of writing any piece of code from simple assertion testing to multi-platform testing. JUnit 5 or JUnit Jupiter is now available for testing on most IDEs. JUnit Jupiter is an incredible new testing platform. The beauty about using JUnit 5 is there is backwards compatibly for previous tests you have written in JUnit 4 or others. By others, I mean any third-party testing because JUnit Jupiter also allows for that. But enough about the benefits of JUnit Jupiter, why test in general? Most people that write anything knows testing is vital for running the program but there are also other benefits often over looked. By constantly testing you are able to see run-times in the code which can then be further inspected to be improved upon. If a part of your code was causing a long delay in testing it would be easy to find and debug or re-write into a more efficient piece of code. This in turn means that testing also helps with the design process. You will want the code designed to be as efficient as possible and the best way to do so is also testing. When bringing testing on a bigger level, it can save companies lots of money from stopping them from missing potentially fatal bugs in their system or vulnerabilities. When it comes to testing there really is only benefits, and that is why you should always be testing!

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